ENVINT Consulting was founded by Martin Tampier  in 2002. Its main purpose is to provide services in in the environmental field, with a focus on energy technology and policy analysis.

Martin Tampier, ENVINT Principal, holds a diploma in environmental engineering (Technical University of Berlin, Germany) and a post-graduate Master’s degree in Human Ecology (Free University of Brussels). Starting his career in Europe, he worked as an intern for the European Commission and as a consultant for environmental consulting companies. After coming to Canada in 1999, he became a freelance consultant in  2001, which led to the creation of ENVINT Consulting in 2002.

Martin has authored a number of reports in the renewable energy field. See projects for some samples of work completed so far. He has published articles on green power and carbon trading, biomass energy, biofuels and climate change, distributed energy systems, and waste-to-energy (in ‘Municipal World’). With Carboncorp Management Ltd., he has published articles on the North American carbon market.

ENVINT consults a range of clients, from non-governmental organizations over research facilities, industry associations, to municipal, provincial and federal governments.

Martin Tampier has successfully completed Environment Canada's Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification course (2005) and is a technical reviewer for project applications with Sustainable Technology Development Canada, Alberta Innovates, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Martin is pentilingual and has completed several projects requiring international research and networking. He works as a researcher, policy analyst, and conference advisor with an emphasis on climate change, life-cycle analysis, renewable energy, energy policy and technology and sustainability issues. A substantial part of his work focuses on biomass energy, including biofuels, biogas, biomass power generation, biorefineries, bioplastics, and other bioproducts.

See also the detailed bio and selected projects list in PDF format.

About ENVINT Consulting

A professional engineer, Martin advises governments, companies, and other organizations.

       He has presented at numerous events, including the annual CanSIA conference, Americana, the National Energy Board’s 2008 Energy Futures Workshop, and CanBIO’s Newfoundland bioenergy conference in 2011. He is also a guest lecturer on Energy & Sustainability at McGill University.